Tuesday, January 9, 2018

MV Pro Signal

MV Pro Signal

Indicator MV Pro Signal - is the result of many months of effort and study the favorable terms of trade. It is a useful indicator for your trading system. The aim of MV Pro Signal indicator is to determine the highest peak of the rising trend and the lowest minimum downward trend. The indicator recognizes the short-term and long-term positions and shows the long-term positions by large arrows, and short-term positions with the help of small arrows. MV Pro Signals can be used in systems trendsledyaschih showing favorable conditions for trade. It can be used alone or in combination with any indication or any particular trading system. MV Pro Signal has the following parameters:


  • ArrowSize: arrow size for long-term positions

  • MiniArrowSize: arrow size for short positions

  • Bullish: color bull shooter

  • Bearish: color bear shooter

  • TotalBars: the maximum number of bars displayed

  • Distance: the distance between the arrows and candles

MV Pro Signal


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