Sunday, January 21, 2018

TradePanel Pro

TradePanel Pro

This PRO-version trade panel facilitates trade to those who keep money management on the basis of the size of stop loss and the load on the deposit. A handy tool for those who need to open orders, without having to calculate the lot. The magnitude of risk and the size of stop loss can be set in the panel itself the fields, reducing the time to configure the desired lot. The values ​​are recalculated and updated with the arrival of each new tick.

PRO-version has such an advantage, as the division of the lot. For example, settlement lot turned 0.18 and parameter settings Open two orders? (Lot / 2) set to true, then advisor will open two orders, with each lot will be equal 0.09. One of the orders to open takeprofit equal Stop Loss + 2 claims, considering the spread and commission. The second order is opened without TakeProfit and regulated by pressing one of three buttons at the bottom of the panel.

Has the following configurable parameters:

  • Setting Money Managment - Money management unit settings

  • Use MM? - Money management to take into account or not. If the switch is set to false, the orders specify a lot open settings.

  • Trade Lot if Use MM - false - Lot with Use MM? = false

  • Risk (%) per trade - Initial risk per trade as a percentage

  • StopLoss - The initial value of Stop Loss

  • Open two orders? (Lot / 2) - This parameter is responsible for the division of the lot into two parts. If true, the lot is divided into 2 parts

  • Calculation a Lot of - This parameter determines the value of funds in the account, with respect to which the calculation produce trading lot. There are three options to choose from: Availability means (margin), Balance or equity

  • Color setting - Tuner appearance of the panel

  • Color SELL button - Sell ​​color buttons

  • Color BUY button - Color buttons Buy

  • Background color EDIT - The background color for inputting information fields (and claims%) and displaying lot

  • Color SL: TP - The color of the three buttons, responsible for the installation Take Profit Stop Loss relative size

  • Background color% and pips - The background color of the part of the panel on which the input fields (and% pp)

  • Setting the location of the panel - panel tuner (Other options)

  • Graph corner for attachment - Angle bar binding

  • Coordinate X - X coordinate

  • Coordinate Y - Y coordinate

  • Coefficient SL: TP - Setup Take Profit Stop-loss coefficients for. It has three adjustable coefficient

  • Magic Number - Magic number for opened orders

  • Magic Number for Save - Magic number for orders with TakeProfit

On all matters relating to the work of the product, write to the PM or in the discussions.

TradePanel Pro

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