Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Prototype 2

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 - an automatic system without martingale passes test
15-year history, and also shows positive results in actual trading. The default settings for EURUSD M15, but the advisor to easily adapt to any currency pair and taymfremu using parameters.

Advisor and suited for a beginner, because need only be installed on schedule, and experienced traders, because in addition to the automatic mode, the EA has options to manually adjust the lot, profit and stop-loss.

Can run on any deposit depends on the expert parameters. Spread the size is not critical, but less is always better. But if money is not enough (30-50 dollars), it is better to work with a cent account with a low minimum lot. In any case, you can contact the author to explain the questions.

Monitoring in real time, as well as other products: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/r0s/seller
Can be used in conjunction with this EA Prototype 4. Prototype 1 and advisors would not interfere with each other.

Principle of operation

Counselor tries to enter the position at the beginning of a trend, or correction, and closes either the indicator or when you reach take-profit. If there was a failure and the position was closed in the red, the following transactions is to be taken into account (or if you RememberClosingLots, RememberClosingProfit installed). Lot automatically calculated from the profit required and distance to and limited takeprofit LimitLotPersent parameter.

Also, if you set MaxOpenOrders parameter to 1, the system will work one warrant.


  1. It is working in bars. Smaller timeframes and ticks are not considered,
    so you can test on opening prices (which will increase the speed
    several times testing).

  2. Fault tolerance, since it carried out the reservation code
    in files that are saved variables used in the program.
    If there is a terminal fails, the sale will continue from the same place

  3. Automatic adjustment to any account on any deposit (USD,
    EUR, GBP, CHF, RUR, etc.). Will determine the size of the lot,
    will adjust the settings for the 5-digit Server, as well as the difference
    time from GMT.

  4. There are control parameters lot by hand, limiting the percentage of the lot, as well as the position of the control parameters, safety and money management.

Detailed reports of tests submitted in the screenshots look Discussion tab.

Prototype 2

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