Monday, January 22, 2018

Mr Lowry Pro

Mr Lowry Pro

Mr. Lowry Pro - automated trading system based on a moving average of Scott Lawrie (Scot Lowry). This simple but effective method provides the best way to enter and exit the market by comparing the behavior of the three moving averages. In combination with the advantages of an advisor and optimized parameters SL and TP it provides a great tool for automated trading.

Input parameters

  • Trading Style: trading style. "Intraday" mode is used to close the transaction on the same day. The "Swing" mode, the transaction will be closed in the same week. When the mode "Positioning" the transaction will remain open for more than one week.

  • First Day of Trading: the first day of trading (the default values ​​are optimized for use in the GMT + 3 time server).

  • Last Day of Trading: Day Trade Deadline. (Default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 3).

  • Trading start time: hour pre- trade (0-24). (Default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 3).

  • Trading end time: hour of trading end (0-24). (Default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 3).

  • Main period: period for trading (moving averages are calculated according to the period, rather than over the period of the chart).

  • Magic Number: magic number, it is recommended to use a unique magic number for each chart.

  • Maximum value for spread: the maximum spread above which EA will not open trades.

  • Volume: lot size for every 1000 USD of capital.

  • Comment: comment on the transaction.

  • SL: stop loss in pips.

  • TP: Take Profit in pips.

  • Maximum number of trades open at the same time: the maximum number of simultaneously open trades.

  • Use TSL: use a trailing stop.

  • Trailing SL Input: profit in pips to activate a trailing stop.

  • Trailing SL Level: the value of a trailing stop in pips.

  • Trailing SL Step: step to update the stop loss in pips.

  • Use Break Even: use translation to breakeven.

  • Break even Entry: minimum profit to activate bezubytka function.

  • Level of rest Level: bezubytka value in pips.

  • Fast EMA: during the fast moving average.

  • EMA Medium: interim period moving average.

  • Slow EMA: period of slow moving average.

  • Close Profit: condition for closing a winning position.

  • Close losing trades: condition for the closing of unprofitable positions.

  • Confirmation Candles: the number of candles to confirm the trend.

Important: The default values ​​are optimized advisor on historical data for the past 17 years on the EURUSD pair with the main period of 240 minutes. When using this advisor should be understood that these results are not a guarantee of success in the future, and that no one except you will not be liable for any decisions or investments you have made in the market.

Mr Lowry Pro

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