Thursday, January 18, 2018

Olimpia Dragged Trends

Olimpia Dragged Trends

Olimpia Dragged Trends!

  • This panel meter is an instrument of visual recognition of trends move 28 pairs, which is displayed as a simple histogram.

  • The indicator shows several squares mapping the amount and the average value of the past trend "..." minute for each square of L to A by pulling.

  • "The method of pull" means that no matter the time of day and the open or closed candle will always display the information for the current and the last time.

  • As the numbers of the sequence of values, you can set the last minute from the 1 st to 2000 th. (By default, set the Fibonacci sequence)

  • The red square means short-term trends, green - long-term trends.

  • This instrument is based on an average of pips from established minutes past to the present. When calculating the product of a real indicator of any other indicators or tools are used.

  • Regardless of the style of trading is essential to know whether the price movement separate small shift or related pairs move together.

  • More than matched pairs, the more reliable movement, and the more it is able to bring you a few pips.

  • After reading this tool, you can determine which related pairs move together, creating a strong movement.

The tool does not show an entry point. On the chart, it displays all the pairs and the current price movement by pulling.

Item display

Place the panel placement on the chart:

  • horizontally: the position of the panel at the point x

  • vertical: the position of the panel at a point y

Set the number of minutes in the past for firming trends:

Right (DraggedL) to left (DraggedA).

The default values ​​for the minutes in the past, arrayed in a Fibonacci sequence (recommended use)

  • DraggedL = 8

  • DraggedK = 13

  • DraggedJ = 21

  • DraggedI = 34

  • DraggedH = 55

  • DraggedG = 89

  • DraggedF = 144

  • DraggedE = 233

  • DraggedD = 377

  • DraggedC = 610

  • DraggedB = 987

  • DraggedA = 1597

Olimpia Dragged Trends

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