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ACPD Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected

ACPD Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected

ACPD - «Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected»
- LED automatic detection candlestick patterns.

The indicator will be of interest to both novices and professionals. It can be used to fully work on it (good results can be
to receive promotions and currency pairs) as well as an additional indicator to
trading system.

Indicator candlestick patterns ACPD is able to:

  1. 40 to define reversal candlestick patterns on the basic components
    their parameters based on models shows more than 40 signals.
  2. Each signal is shown by the arrow above or below the last candle in the model,
    directed at the intended further movement schedule.
  3. The indicator incorporates 10 models on the basis of a single candle,
    10 models on the basis of two candles and 20 models on the basis of three candles. AT
    Depending on the number of candles included in the model, a different color signature is carried out (in a controlled setting).
  4. Each signature model contains: Its name, signal strength "S" (which
    calculated from the empirical formula as a percentage), which shows how much the model
    close to the ideal as well as trend coefficient "T" (Calculated on the basis of the ranking point system of three candles), which shows how much the trend is close to ideal.
  5. AT
    display is provided off of each model. If these or other models do not
    must be determined, they can just turn off.
  6. The display also provides for some adjustment
    parameters of the model components, so you can re-adjust
    indicator depending on the volatility of a graph, as well as
    adjust visual deviation depending on the time period.

Settings in the indicator has been optimized for the pair EURUSD (4 digits) to day period. But
These settings are well show themselves and other instruments with other
schedule periods (over four hours). Indicator works with objects such as
ARROW_UP, ARROW_DOWN and TEXT. When unloading it removes all the objects of these types.

Models included in the ACPD indicator - «Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected»:

One Candle Pattern - Single Candlestick Patterns

  1. Hammer - Hammer

  2. Hanging Man - gallows

  3. Inverted Hammer - Inverted

  4. Shooting Star - Shooting Star

  5. Spinning Top - Spinner

  6. Doji - Doji

  7. Long-Legged Doji - Longshanks

  8. Gravestone Doji - Gravestone Doji

  9. Doji Dragon - Dragon Doji

  10. Doji Four Price - Doji four

Two Candle
Pattern - Double Candlestick Patterns

  1. Engulfing - Absorption

  2. Harami - Harami

  3. Harami Cross - Cross Harami

  4. Piercing Line - permeate

  5. Dark Cloud Cover - Dark clouds

  6. Doji Star - Doji Star

  7. Meeting Lines - occurring Candles

  8. Kicking - High jump

  9. Homing Pigeon - Pigeon Post

  10. Matching Low - Match Lower

Three Candle Pattern - Triple Candlestick Patterns

  1. Morning Star - Morning Star

  2. Evening Star - Evening Star

  3. Morning Doji Star - Morning Doji Star

  4. Evening Doji Star - Evening Doji Star

  5. Abandoned Baby - Abandoned Baby

  6. Tri Star - Three Stars

  7. Upside Gap Two Crows - Two Ravens Soaring

  8. Unique Three River Bottom -
    Special Depression Three Rivers

  9. Three White Soldiers - Three white

  10. Advance Block - repulsed

  11. Deliberation - Thinking

  12. Three Black Crows - Three Black

  13. Identical Three Crows - Three Identical Ravens

  14. Two Crows - Two Crows

  15. Three Inside Up - Three Inside Up Day

  16. Three Inside Down - Three Inside Down Day

  17. Three Outside Up - three outside
    Top of the day

  18. Three Outside Down - three outside
    day Down

  19. Three Star In The South - Three
    Stars of the South

  20. Stick Sandwich - Adherent

Basic settings of the indicator:

  • Buffer candles for scanning - candles buffer that is used to look for patterns (recommended option on
    10 to 100, values ​​greater than 100 may brake system).

  • Color down arrow - down arrow to the color.

  • Color up arrow - the color of the up arrow.

  • The text color of single candlestick patterns - color signature single candlestick patterns.

  • Text color double candlestick patterns - color signature double candlestick patterns.

  • Text color triple candlestick patterns - color signature triple candlestick patterns.

  • Text size - the size of the text.

  • Text font - the font

  • Coefficient of trend detection model - trend coefficient to start the search model.

  • Shadow Umbrella Up (unlike the body) - the maximum shadow candle "Paper Umbrella" upward relative to the body (for models "hammer" and "hanged").

  • Shadow Umbrella Down (unlike the body) - the minimum shadow candle "Paper Umbrella" downward relative to the body (for models "hammer" and "hanged").

  • Umbrella body min (tick) - the minimum size of the real body "Paper
    Umbrella "in ticks (for models" hammer "and" hanged ").

  • Shadow difference Spinning Top - maximum allowable difference shadows candle "Top" (parameter greater than 1).

  • Spinning Top body min (tick) - minimum body candle "Top"
    in ticks.

  • Shadow difference Doji - the maximum allowable difference shadow candle "Doji" (parameter greater than 1).

  • Shadow Doji max (tick) - maximum shade candle "Doji"
    in ticks.

  • Doji body max (tick) - the maximum body of the candle "Doji"
    in ticks.

  • Shadow Gravestone Doji Down max (tick) - maximum allowable lower
    shadow candle "Doji Gravestone" in ticks.

  • Shadow Doji Dragon Up max (tick) - the maximum permissible upper
    shadow candle "Doji Dragon" in ticks.

  • Shadow Doji Four Price max (tick) - the maximum allowable shadow
    candle "Doji Four Price" in ticks.

  • Body Long Candle min (tick) - minimum body for the "long" candles
    in ticks.

  • Divergence Meeting Lines max (tick) - the maximum tolerance for the "Meet the models
    Candles "in ticks.

  • Shadow Maribozu Candle max (tick) - the maximum allowable shadow
    Candles "Maribozu" in ticks.

  • Delete old objects - delete old
    Objects that have been shown previously.

Further there are settings to enable or disable tracking on all models.

ACPD Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected

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