Thursday, January 18, 2018

PushTheTrend Lite

PushTheTrend Lite

PushTheTrend - Advisor, whose strategy is to open orders with the trend in the direction of the current movement. Advisor expects burst of activity, and if it detects that a surge strong enough to push the market further opens up the deal in the direction of the burst. The Advisor embedded two similar, complementary determining algorithm entry point.

Advisor works well on EURUSD pairs, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCHF, the recommended timeframes: M1, M5, M15. In each time frame the results will be different, so before installing the adviser on the chart perform some tests and you select the appropriate timeframe.


  • Grid strategy NOT used.

  • Martingale NOT used.

  • Hedging and arbitrage NOT are used.

  • Convenient system of risk calculation.

  • Supports 4 and 5 digit quotations.

  • Clock automatic operation.

  • Integrated system of accelerated recovery of capital.

  • Positive test results on the long-term strategy for the historic period (from 1999 to the present day), including quotes from quality 99%.
  • Support NFA rules (FIFO, no


  • 5-Digit ECN and STP accounts with an average spread on EURUSD and GBPUSD no more than 25 points.

  • Deposit $ 100.

  • Leverage from 1: 50-100 (depending on the alleged risks).


  • Risk - calculation of the transaction size (lot), depending on the size of the deposit in% (a maximum amount you are willing to risk per trade, in% relative to the size of the deposit).

  • FixLot - a fixed amount of the transaction (not changed depending on the size of the deposit). Option becomes active when exhibiting Risk = 0.

  • RecoveryMode - accelerated capital recovery mode.

ATTENTION! Before using this feature sure to test the work in its strategy tester!
Also: Mode for proper operation Recovery, it is necessary that all the available trading history (in the "Account History" tab was opened in the terminal -> Right-click on an empty place (or any order) -> "All history").

  • Indication - show the display on the chart.

  • MagicNumber - identification number of the adviser of orders (in the Advisor built 2 algorithm, each of them uses its identification number on the basis of the MagicNumber + (algorithm number) For example, when the MagicNumber = 1000 ID number for the first algorithm will be 1000 + 1 = 1001, for the second 1,000+ 2. = 1002).

  • EAComment - comment on the orders advisor.

  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread, at which the advisor will open orders.
  • FIFO - operation on the rules of the NFA.

LIVE results

PushTheTrend Lite

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