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RiveR Scope Lite

RiveR Scope Lite

RiverScope Lite automatically determines the next most important price levels and support and resistance zones on the history and recognize a large number of patterns of price behavior (in lite-version limit of 10 pieces in the full version 30+).

Support and resistance levels are determined on the calculation algorithm and filtering of historical value prices, its traffic patterns, volumes, etc., reflect the current situation, therefore, the next levels vary depending on the current price in real time.


  • in lite-version timeframes for the calculation of basic and additional areas of support and resistance are fixed

  • convenient display areas and levels of the chart

  • Information about the range in pips for main and secondary areas

  • display information about the current market situation (average volatility, body size, upper / lower shadow candle and a difference, which shows the color of the estimated price trend: Bullish - blue bear - red)

  • Information about the movement of the price: the ranges and path for today, yesterday, and the average for 5 days

  • Comfortable display of time before the closing of the current candle

  • definition of a gap and output of information on the number of points to his "closing" in real time

  • in lite-version is easy to recognize 10 of the price movement patterns (with additional filtering)

  • convenient display of information on patterns and Gap: bulls are blue bear - Red

  • Goylera levels, based on the principles of Gann analysis, provide additional information for transactions or strong levels.

    • Goylera levels given the likely direction of the transaction: if light green line is above the dark-gray, then a buy signal, if it is below - for sale. Lime - takeprofit, a blue - takeprofit 2 red - stop-loss, orange - or stop-loss, or (depending on the market situation) an extreme point of entry into the transaction.

    • Either use Goylera levels as well as all other support / resistance levels (since the levels are strong enough), ie trade or to retreat from the level or breakdown.


- Main options -

  • Main TimeFrame - in lite-version fixed timeframe 1 Minute

  • Extra TimeFrame - in lite-version fixed timeframe 5 Minutes

  • History bars for Levels - the number of bars to calculate support and resistance zones (500 recommended)

  • History bars for Info - the number of bars for the calculation of information about the current market situation (50 recommended)

  • Path length price - on / off information on the prices of the passage

- Colors -

  • Color Resistance-level Main - the color of the main resistance level

  • Color Support-level Main - color of the main support level

  • Color Resistance-level Extra - color Additional resistance level

  • Color Support-level Extra - color Additional support level

  • Color Resistance-zone Main - Color BASIC resistance zone

  • Color Support-zone Main - color of the main support area

  • Color Resistance-zone Extra - Color FURTHER resistance zone

  • Color Support-zone Extra - color Additional support area

  • Color Goile Entry level - entry-level color (by Goyleru)

  • Color Goile Entry2 level - color level of the second input or stop-loss (by Goyleru)

  • Goile Take Profit level - color level takeprofit 1 (by Goyleru)

  • Goile Take Profit 2 level - Color take profit level 2 (at Goyleru)

  • Goile Stop-Loss level - Color stop-loss level (by Goyleru)

- Additional levels -

  • Bank-level - on / off the bank level

  • Min / Max price previous day - on / off level min / max price the previous day

  • Goiler-level (analize Gann) - on / off levels of Goyleru

- Price Action options -

  • Check GAP - on / off control of the gap

  • Begin from TimeFrame - in lite-version recorded operedelenie patterns on the time frames 1 and 5 minutes

  • Filter Price Action - on / off filtering patterns

  • List of patterns (in the full-version 30+):

  • Engulfing - on / off

  • Inside Bar - on / off

  • Belt Hold - on / off

  • DBLHC & DBHLC - on / off

  • TBL & TBH - on / off

  • Hammer & Shooting Star - on / off

  • Morning Star & Evening Star - on / off

  • Piercing & Dark-cloud cover - on / off

  • Pin Bar - on / off

  • Doji - on / off

Added integration with RiveRControl

The product will be improved and supplemented.

If you have any questions and suggestions please contact me.

RiveR Scope Lite


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