Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Friday, November 11

Taking into account that
D.Tramp is the next US president, many media outlets have
We began to discuss the impact of the upcoming changes related to Trump's political views, on
the country's economy. In the long-term policy should be positively D.Trampa
affect the US dollar, as lower tax rates will attract new
investment in the US economy, which favorably affect the growth rate
economy and the American currency in particular, that, in turn, affect the
the overall picture of the market. Nevertheless, the situation around the upcoming changes yet
It remains unclear, but it is expected that the measures taken D.Trampom will be able to make
some clarity on the events.

today reveals some of the best on the market after the recent growth results
events on the American side. The pair GBP / USD continues to move north
direction, gaining more than two cents, since the announcement of the results
Voting in the United States. The main guiding factor for the pound remains predisposition
traders to more risky assets, fixed the last few trading
sessions. Today the pair will remain under
influenced by general market sentiment as the UK calendar for today
is empty, and America will introduce only minor reports.

Today Australian dollar He rebounded from their
lows for the first time recorded after the US elections, and struck
resistance level at 0.76. Positive attitude of the Australian
The dollar was mostly due to the strong rise in copper prices. The changes
D.Tramp which spoke with his election platform, has already begun
a positive impact on most commodities, as investors are now
expect a sharp development of the infrastructure of America under the leadership of Trump.

The main events of the day:

It FOMC C. Fischer member - 17.00 (GMT +2)

The expectations index
University of Michigan - 18.00 (GMT +2)

speech of the
Bank of Canada C.Poloza
- 18.50 (GMT +2)

Support and resistance levels for the major currency

EURUSD 1.0814 P.
S. 1.0992

104.22 108.22 C.

GBPUSD 1.2298 P.
S. 1.2712

USDCHF 0.9785 P.
S. 0.9937

AUDUSD 0.7466 P.
S. 0.7814

NZDUSD 0.7101 P.
S. 0.7361

USDCAD 1.3332 P.
S. 1.3576

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