Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Full Auto EA

Full Auto EA

Full Auto EA - trading robot with the highest accuracy of transactions. entry point in the deal does not happen often, but always accurately verified and comes in conjunction with the current market trends. Expert principles clearly justified and are without in-depth research in the field of technical analysis of financial markets. The robot was originally developed under the thin specifics of the currency markets.

The size of the deposit required to work on standard dollar accounts is only $ 10. Therefore, Full Auto EA can rightly be called an adviser to small deposit. Check the Full Auto EA on demo account, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Expert is fully configured and ready to go on the currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD. Use the M15 timeframe. Other time the expert will not work. At the start of the expert open the necessary graphics higher timeframes. You do not need to carry out additional adjustments and optimizations. Full Auto EA - an example of full automation expert for Forex!

  • Monitoring real account:;

  • The demo version of the advisor without capital management module:;

  • the setup instructions.


  • Expert works only on closed bars;

  • The strategy does not use martingale or averaging;

  • It works as a type of performance "Instant Execution", and "Market Execution" (automatic detection);

  • Automatically determines the number of characters in quotes and is working on quotations of digits after the decimal point;

  • Resistant to a temporary connection is broken or short-term shut down the computer. After turning on the PC Advisor pick up their orders and will continue to trade;

  • Always works only with its own orders, even if you decide to trade manually at the same time.

terms of trade


  • Timeframe: M15;

  • Possibility of setting stops at a distance of 50 points (5 characters);

  • Little spread significantly increase profits.

Full Auto EA

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