Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New World

New World

New World project - a full councilor, including manual trading, indicators, trade with the trend, asset management, and multi-currency trading multitaymfreymnuyu. This allows it to trade with scalping or hedging or for intraday trading, with additional alarm functions for each closed transaction. All you need to do - adjust the settings according to the desired kind of trade.

New World - a new method for calculating the lot size in the hedge, based on the target pips rather than the factor of the lot, making it easier to configure the settings. This adviser also calculates the lot size based on the desired amount of hedging transactions and the amount of risk. This reduces the stress at work.

In particular, this EA is very flexible if you want to trade with the use of scalping, hedging or both multitaymfreymnymi mode and multi-currency options. Depending on the situation, also possible to trade by hedging or scalping scalping hedging. In addition, the indicator for opening positions in this EA is a 3-period moving average, which is easy to set up, depending on your preference, it also allows you to use Advisor for intraday trading.

parameters advisor

  • TRADE_STYLE - Scalping and Hedging

  • RISK_LEVEL - The level of risk. 1 - the lowest, 4 - the highest

  • USE_LOT - used item

    • EA_RECOMMENDED_LOT_SIZE - Use the lot size, designed New World based on the parameters entered.

    • YOUR_PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - Use the lot size, user-defined

  • PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - The lot size, user-defined

  • ALLOWABLE_SPREAD - allowable spread

  • ADDITIONAL_COMMANDS - additional commands

  • MAX_PAIRS_TO_TRADE - Number of simultaneously traded currencies.

  • CLOSE_EXCESS_PAIRS - Closure of the excessive currency

  • TIME_BEFORE_TRADE_COMMENCE - Time to start trading

  • ORDER_CORRECTION - unnecessary Take Profit, Stop Loss and pending orders, as well as the intervention of an error on the part of the user will be automatically corrected for all transactions.

  • ALERT - enabling and disabling alerts

  • SHOW_COMMENT_STATUS - Show or hide the account status

  • SHOW_COMMENT_PERIOD - Show or hide the periods

  • SHOW_COMMENT_HEDGING - Show or hide the hedging

  • TOTAL_TRADE_RISK_AND_PROFIT - Shared risk and reward when trading

  • TOTAL_RISK_AMOUNT - The total amount of all transactions which you are willing to risk. When the loss is greater than this value are automatically closed "ALL" of the transaction.

  • TOTAL_TARGET_PROFIT - The total amount that you want to get out of all trades. When profit is greater than this value are automatically closed "ALL" of the transaction.

  • SCALPING_OR_NO_HEDGING - Scalping or absence of hedging

  • TP_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - The target level of pips to take profit. In scalping or day trading can be carried out depending on the target pips.

  • SL_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - the number of pips that you are willing to lose in this transaction. * Note: If you specify a zero value in this parameter, the lot size will be automatically set to .01

  • RISK_AMOUNT_NO_HEDGE - The amount of money you are willing to risk in this transaction. * Note: If you specify a zero value in this parameter, the lot size will be automatically set to .01

  • COMMISSION_AND_SWAP - Take into account the commission and swap in the calculations.

  • HEDGING_PROPERTIES - properties hedging

  • TIMES_TO_HEDGE - Number of hedges

  • RISK_AMOUNT_WITH_HEDGE - risk package

  • TP_PIPS_WITH_HEDGE - The number of pips for setting take profit in the first transaction

  • PIPS_TO_HEDGE - The difference in pips for hedging

  • PIPS_TO_BREAK_EVEN - Target pips for recovery loss when first transaction

  • CLOSE_WHEN_PROFIT - Closing at profits

  • TARGET_PROFIT - The amount of profit to close

  • TARGET_PIPS - Additional target pips to transfer to breakeven

  • TARGET_PIPS_ACCURACY - Allow NEW World changing precision take-profit and stop-loss. * Note: For powerful computers we recommend using a high accuracy

  • CHOOSE_MA_TO_USE - The method used by the moving average

  • CHOOSE_MA_PERIOD - The period of the moving average used

  • Period_1 - Period for MA 1

  • Period_2 - Period for MA 2

  • Period_3 - Period 3 for MA

  • CHOOSE_ADDITIONAL_PIPS - Selecting additional pips

  • TIMEFRAMES_USED - Choosing timeframes

  • SPECIAL_COMMAND - When selecting Yes on 3 levels will automatically close all trades

  • CLOSE_LEVEL_1 - 1 closing level

  • CLOSE_LEVEL_2 - closing Level 2

  • CLOSE_LEVEL_3 - closing level 3

New World


BRICS will create its own Development Bank

BRICS will create its own Development Bank

years ago at the BRICS summit in South Africa for the first time
a proposal was made: not to create
Do we own an international bank
development, which will serve
a country with a promising emerging

summit in Brazil, which will take place
15 - 16 July, is scheduled to take
the final decision on this issue.
Agreed in principle to give all five
countries that belong to the alliance.
Development Bank Headquarters will
located either in New Delhi or Shanghai.
Paid up capital of the bank will be
$ 10 billion each country
will provide 2 billion and formed
this pool for 7 years. Participate
in the bank's activities can and other
emerging economies.

Asian markets closed on the rise

Asian markets closed on the rise

Asian stock markets finished the session with the growth. Most interestingly, the index rose for the first time in five sessions after the shares of companies in the fields of communication and health.

So, the summary share ATR MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose by 0.4% - to 146.63 points. On the indicator fell by 1.1%, showing low figures for the first 9 weeks of last week.

Japan's Nikkei
225 on Monday rose by 0.9%
Australian S P / ASX 200 and Hong Kong
Hang Seng - 0.5%. China's Shanghai Composite added

stock quotes
Japanese mobile operator SoftBank
Corp. increased 2.3%. telephone companies
exhibit better climb over 10
industry groups in the MSCI Asia Pacific on Monday.

price of securities
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co. It increased by 4.4% after
the authorities in Canada approved
use of one of the drugs in this
Japanese pharmaceutical companies, while Barclays raised
rating of its shares.

Market price
Hyndai Hysco Co. decreased 1.4% due to the introduced
US government duties on steel
tubes from South Korea and eight other countries

Danske Bank has updated currency forecasts

Danske Bank has updated currency forecasts

The table below shows the updated currency forecasts of experts from Danske Bank. According to currency strategists bank, differences in monetary policy and portfolio investment flows will be key drivers of the euro / dollar dynamics. The bank is expected in the coming months, a decrease of consumer inflation in the euro area, which should revive market speculation about additional stimulus from the ECB. Danske Bank has revised downward projections for the pair EUR / USD. At the same time, despite the minor key of the recent statistics on the UK, particularly in the manufacturing sector, the bank's experts expect that in the second half of the country's economy will maintain a high rate of recovery. Danske predicts increase in Bank of England interest rates in January. Cross the euro / pound should continue the downward movement. It is due to differences in monetary policy.

Binary Options Arrow

Binary Options Arrow

Indicator Binary Options Arrow (BOA) automatically analyzes the market For search the best opportunities to enter the market. The indicator shows the possibility of a reversal, allowing to enter the trade on binary options on the next candle! Candles never redrawn and not delayed.

BOA automatically splits signals high-quality and shoddy. You have to wait until better signals or trade for all signals, depending on your goals. You can use the indicator on any timeframes. For best results, use with your own trading system.


  • arrow is not redrawn and appear on the current candle (but should wait for the candle to close)

  • Automatically It analyzes the market and shows the possibilities!

  • Indicator adjusted and a pair of the current timeframe automatically.

  • easy in use, it contains only a few settings.

  • optimized For best results on all cylinders.

  • The indicator can be used on all cylinders no limits!

  • built-in warning (optional).

expert settings

  • Use low quality alert ?: if it is established true, indicator will notify the emergence of low-quality signals. If false, disabled.

  • Use high quality alert ?: if it is established true, indicator will inform about the appearance of high-quality signals. If false, disabled.

Support service

If you have any questions, contact us. Our contacts you can find in our profile.

Binary Options Arrow



Sarmat advisor robot for automated trading on accounts Cent. On entry into the market as accurately determined indicator levels, which define the input signal. In this Expert Advisor, we tried to solve the consequences of a false signal problem is the market moves in the opposite direction from the order. "The damper" has been registered. should be multiplied by 10 to account for 5 th marks TP and SL value;

  • Recommended currency instrument GBP / USD.

  • Recommended timeframe - M30, H1, H4.


  • Sig_Open1 = true; crossing level indicator lines upwards.

  • Sig_Open2 = true; crossing level indicator lines cverhu down.

  • ADX_Period = 14; ADX period.

  • ADX_Shift = 0; used bar 0 - current, 1 - the previous (to use 0).

  • ADX_Level = 9; level of ADX, at the intersection of lines which opens a warrant.

  • SL = 0; level limit losses for buy orders is exposed from the opening price of buy orders with the highest opening price for the warrants offered for sale from the opening price of the sell orders with the lowest price discovery.

  • TP = 60; level of profit / total bezubytka + TP points.

  • TP_Step_Mod = 3; Step modifications take profit varies according to the formula: TP_Step_Mod_in_Spred * current spread.

  • Step = 60; Minimum spacing between the same type of orders.

  • Lots = 0.01; starting lot.

  • Max_Orders = 7; the maximum number of similar orders.

  • Lot_Multiplier = 1.3; lot multiplier.

  • Use_Max_Lot = true; when multiplied by the lot to open the next order in the calculation of the order to take the maximum lot.

  • Use_Summ_Lot = false; when multiplied by the lot to open the next order in the calculation of the amount to take lots of similar orders. Choose must be true to one thing or Use_Max_Lot or Use_Summ_Lot if Use_Max_Lot and Use_Summ_Lot = false, the next lot of orders will not multiply.

  • Profit_Level = 300; The warrant comes in plus a specified number of points (for bezubytka).

  • SL_Plus = 2; Exposed warrant breakeven + SL_Plus in points.

  • Profit_Level2 = 300; The warrant comes in plus a specified number of points (for the trailing stop).

  • TrailingStop = 300; Distance TrailingStop claims, in which the stop loss orders will reach the price.

  • TrailingStep = 1; Step into the points through which will move the stop loss orders.

  • Slip = 5; Slippage.

  • Magic = 1; number of individual experts.



There will be a manual Grail

There will be a manual Grail

The work that I do, well within the definition of "Long road in the dunes"
Yes, I make my Grail really long, but I want this to be the Grail is not just in name but in substance.
All very seriously, for its product I do not want to blush.
The truth is a blessing in disguise - in search of the Golden Fleece worked out hundreds of algorithms, made a big warehouse functions now
relatively simple machine can gather for an hour and a half.
Also made several types of advisers "mechanic". This is not a robot machines and tools for the experienced trader.

They themselves do not cut the cabbage, but much in it to help the trader.

Today a qualitative breakthrough in the creation of my Grail №1 (№1 is not the best in the world, and my first, will also not one) was made
The car is very well-behaved show on the history of 2014 years of difficult GBPUSD pair decided to check for lice - launched on
stories of 2009. I had to work ... and well. But all problems are solved, there was a dull technical work.

Give the first picture, it is a difficult run on the pound more than an extraordinary 2009 mu.

What you see is still far from Copenhagen - tail trim is necessary, but how to do it already understood.
"Circumcision" will increase its net profit by at least 20-30% at a very modest maximum drawdown.