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EA trades on two 3D virtual spirals (helices) of the first screw axis moves along a trajectory axis of the second screw.

After each crossing prices with spiral advisor to open an order depending on the direction. The purpose of (the average price of products) will be as close as possible to the axis of the second screw.

Classic Grieder, who buy cheap and sell expensive, but altered so that the presence of a trend at 50% of the Advisor will follow the trend, 50% - against. Profit mathematically and experimentally guaranteed! Unfortunately, subsidence, too - they have a direct relationship.

Reducing drawdown = lower profits. These values ​​can be controlled by external parameters EA. Reducing the radius of both spirals lead to more orders, more profit and more loss.

The optimal parameters for different currency pairs and different deposit sizes need to get in the strategy tester. Testing period and timeframe are irrelevant.



Ticks Price Channel 4

Ticks Price Channel 4

Indicator Price Channel, built on a tick chart prices.

When you run the parish, you must wait for calculating an amount of tick data.


  • Period - determination period boundaries of the channel.

  • Price levels count - the number of displayed price levels (at a value of 0 levels are not shown).

  • price mode - the price range of a calculation (can be bid, ask or average)

  • Bar under calculation - the number of bars in the chart to calculate the indicator.

buffers room: 0 - Channel upper, 1 - Channel lower, 2 - Channel median.

Ticks Price Channel 4

Wave analysis of the EURUSD

Wave analysis of the EUR / USD

EUR | USD continues to be in the mid-term sideways. Movement since March last year consists of a three-wave combination that suggests the formation of a triangle followed by the release of down range. At the moment come to line resistance, which is a good level to complete wave C of (B).

Thus, in the near future, I expect the beginning of a decline in the range of 1.07-1.08. In case of breaking the resistance line (1.14-1.1450) opens the way to a range of 1.20-1.23. In this scenario, the wave (B) changes to a plane. However, this alternative scenario. Signals to implement it yet.

EUR / USD, Daily

Go to the smaller timeframes. Let us look for the point of sale. The main part of the pulse wave at [c] is completed. Divergences exist, nothing prevents a reversal down. However, there can be interesting in terms of trade situation. There is a finite probability of forming diagonal wave (v) of [c]. If we assume that the wave iv is completed (1.1194 critical level - in the case of care following script with a diagonal broken), then we will have another one in front of the maximum reduction in the area of ​​1.07-1.08. The level of 1.1430 should not be taken because in a tapered embodiment diagonal wave should be less than v wave iii.


Thus, the recommendation to sell from the range 1.1370-1.1420 with the stop order at 1.1430 and 1.08. In case the level of 1.1194 breakdown without updating the peak search terms for sale from the range 1.1250-1.1280 with a stop at the maximum of the wave C of (B).

Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Credit Suisse:

CS supports Long position on EUR / USD from 1.1155, the purpose of the transition to 1.1450, with a stop at 1.1054.


USDCAD may go back to 1.40, before moving on to 1.30.


USD / CAD Short, Long AUD / USD, and short USD / JPY is a strong signal to this week.

Morgan Stanley:

the closing price on Monday, up 114.00 signals a more significant rebound in USDJPY.

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Sberbank CIB analysts expect the strengthening of the Russian currency to 77 rubles per dollar

Sberbank CIB analysts expect the strengthening of the Russian currency to 77 rubles per dollar

dollar exchange rate in the near future may fall to 77 rubles., according to analysts Sberbank CIB.

"The dynamics of oil prices and the limited activity of exporters indicate that the pair dollar / ruble may soon test the strength level of 77.3 or even 77 (rubles per dollar -. RNS)», - they write in the review of the foreign exchange market.

"Increased risk appetite in the global market today was supported by expectations of further monetary easing in Japan. Against this background, oil prices rose and quotes Brent exceeded $ 33 per barrel. As a result, the dollar / ruble retreated to about 77.5 "- analysts said Sberbank CIB.

"Further support for oil prices had published on Friday data showing that the number of the US oil drilling rigs decreased by 28 units," - they added.

By 12:26 Moscow time the dollar declined to close the previous trading session by 0.57% -. To 77.9 rubles, the euro fell by 1.05% - to 87.21 rubles.

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Another implementation indicator PriceChannel.

The main difference: the first touch rates in the upper or lower limit, they are distinguished in a different color or line thickness.

The ability to set apart the top and bottom of the channel and ask them colors.


  • InpHigthPeriod - period for the upper limit

  • InpLowPeriod - period for the lower boundary

With this indicator, you can keep track of the current trend, a rebound in trade in the case of lateral movement.




Below are the latest technical installations for EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, EUR / JPY, and the pair AUD / USD, as provided for in Barclays Capital.

EUR / USD: The movement below our immediate goals near the 1.1060 make us more bearish the direction of 1.0710.

USD / JPY: ... We are looking for sales of interest in the 115.05 to provide movement to the area of ​​110.35 / 05 For the same time, we see opportunities in the direction of 106.00.

GBP / USD: ... In general, we are looking for the bear and the transition to the initial objectives in the area of ​​1.4150, and then to below 1.4080. Nearby 1.4400 resistance, 21-DMA.

USD / CHF: ... .nesposobnost close above resistance near 0.9960 prompted us to be neutral in the short term. Overall, we expect further growth and will be looking to buy on dips or on a clear break above 0.9960 to 1.0130.

EUR / JPY: ... Our next targets are near 125.00, followed by 122.00.

AUD / USD: We are bearish and will be looking to sell up to 0.7245. Movement lower than the initial targets near 0.7000 will mean towards our large area targets to 0.6915.

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