Monday, January 22, 2018



Advisor is designed to trade GBPUSD. It works with the hourly chart, but the adviser can put on any time interval.

Advisor concludes long trades after a sharp drop in prices and a reversal. By default, it uses a lot of 0.1 on a minimum deposit.

Duration transactions usually not more than a day, sometimes a couple of days.

Strategy The idea is that after any sudden movement there rollback.


  • OSN - permission to open orders advisor.

  • SHCH - load factor, the more the more the lot.

  • RESTTAIM - delay in seconds for re-opening an order.

  • BUYDEL - coefficient adjusting aggressiveness trade orders BUY.

  • SELLDEL - factor regulating trade aggressiveness orders SELL (not used in this version).


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