Friday, January 19, 2018

Currency Mexico and Canada rose to new debates and Clinton Trump

Currency Mexico and Canada rose to new debates and Clinton Trump

Mexican and Canadian currency leapt in morning trading in Asia on Monday due to growing doubts of investors in the victory of the presidential elections in the United States, Donald Trump, who continued in America Sunday upcoming regular debates with Hillary Clinton.

Trump was faced with a severe crisis of its 16-month campaign after this week became the property of the public record for more than a decade ago, keeping it vulgar remarks against women. They angered the public and the establishment, including fellow Republican.

Markets are generally considered the Democrats put forward the candidacy of Clinton as a moderate centrist. Its electoral program is available here :. That will mean the arrival of Trump for US foreign policy, trade, the economy and even the independent central bank, investors find it difficult to judge with certainty. Trump's program is available here :.

In particular, Trump is planning to introduce tariffs on imports, and to review the agreement on the North American Free Trade Area, which has a negative impact on its signatories Mexico and Canada, so their currencies are sensitive to the twists and turns of the American election campaign.

The peso rose on Monday more than 1.8 percent, while the US dollar lost 0.3 percent to the Canadian.

At the end of September to fall due to concerns over the outcome of the presidential elections in the neighboring country, the Mexican currency has risen as investors considered Clinton won the first direct TV debates with Trump.

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