Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Smart Orders

Smart Orders

Smart Order Advisor makes it easy to install four new types of orders. New types of orders will enrich your experience in trading: Time Order, Time Price Order, Buy Stop Limit Order & Sell ​​Stop Limit Order. Discover them for yourself and make your trading more flexible.


Time mode: select a time to set orders 1: Local time 2: 3 Server time: GMT. Select "Local Time", if you want to install oredra local time, select the "Server time" if you want to order ustanalivat server time or select GMT, if you want to order is executed at GMT time.

expert Features

  1. Time Order (TO)Opens a Buy or Sell Order at a time, regardless of other conditions. This type is suitable for those who like to trade on the news or strategies somehow takes into account the time, such as "Gann Square Nine Strategy". Details of the search "Gann Square nine" when using Google.

    remarks: Time should outpace the current time for at least 20 seconds. In addition, the time should correspond to the selected time. Otherwise, you get the message "An incorrect parameter" or order will be executed at the time corresponding to the selected time.

  2. Time Price Order (TPO): Similar to Time Order, with the difference that this order is opened at a certain time, if other conditions are met. For example, you can set the order opening Buy or Sell at a certain time if the price is greater than or, on the contrary, does not exceed a certain level.
    remarks: Time should outpace the current time for at least 20 seconds. Besides
    This time should correspond to the selected time. AT
    Otherwise, you get the message "An incorrect parameter"
    order is executed or the time corresponding to the selected time

  3. Buy Stop Limit OrderOpens a Buy Limit order if the price has reached a certain level above the current.

    • price level may not be lower than the current level. It should exceed the current level of at least five pips.

    • Price Limit can not be more than the price level. It must be at least a threshold level of negative spread.

  4. Sell ​​Stop Limit: It works on the same principle as the Stop Level. Sell ​​Limit order is triggered when the price falls to a certain level below the current one.

    • price level can not be higher than the current price level. It should be at least five pips below the current level.

    • Limit price can not be lower than the price level. He always has to be a minimum threshold level plus a spread.

Do not forget: to ensure that all orders have been preserved and have been active, make sure you click "Save" button. If you make changes, click "Save" button, and make sure it is pressed. Do not forget to include automated trading in the terminal to the adviser worked.

You must set the Take Profit and Stop Loss in points for the warrant remained. When working with 5 (3) digit quotes if you want to set the Stop Loss and Take Profit 20 pips write exactly 20 pips, not 200. The date and time are to be recorded in the following format: HH and YYYY.MM.DD : MM: SS. If you do not choose the time mode, all orders will be executed at 00:00.

Take note: if the terminal does not work for some reason, all orders are disabled. However, when the terminal includes again, warrants, if they are still valid, again become active. That is, put the parameters again do not need, because they are stored in external files on your computer.

Smart Orders

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