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Fibo Trader PRO MT5

Fibo Trader PRO MT5

fibo Trader - This advisor allows you to create automated templates for oscillation patterns of the Fibonacci correction values, using a fully automated and dynamically created mesh.

This process is achieved by optimizing the advisor, followed by running it in the automatic mode.

Advisor allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. In manual mode the user is presented with a graphical panel allows you to manage the current trading conditions, or at any time to take trade under manual control. For example, it is possible to reduce the force required movements in the Asian session, to increase the frequency of automatic transactions.

Advisor must be disabled during the most important economic events (eg performances ECB decisions on interest rates, jobs outside the agricultural sector, etc.) and other events.

If you do not want to have the ability to bypass your side while you are asleep or busy with something else, if you like the idea of ​​grid trading, but you are inconsistent in your grid trading, if you want to be notified on the set of pairs, do not follow them all, then this product is for you!

Differences between versions


Number of activations-525
The maximum number of positions31001000

The ability to exclude the test periodsperhapsperhapsYes, embedded





Other settings (including additional options and detailed descriptions of the settings) are available in the PDF-manual, which can be downloaded in the "Discussion" section. Please pay attention to the video-based training on YouTube.

list settings

0. Trade module - Module selection: Automatic or manual panel.

  • 0.1 Manual panel ON / disable AutoMode - Selection of automatic or manual module panel.

1. Trade size and details - Various settings trading lot.

  • 1.1 Base LOT SIZE - The basic lot size first position.

  • 1.2 Maximum supportive positions (+1 main) - The maximum number of additional positions, in addition to the original. (Limited to 2 in the free version).

  • 1.3 Money Management (-1 for OFF) - The value of money management. The value of this parameter will affect the basic lot size.

  • 1.4 Martingale factor (x1.0 for OFF) - Martingale Modifier allows you to gradually increase the size of the position. .

  • 1.5 Block one direction of trades - Lock transactions in one direction - for trends. Use of low (2.6) configuration, preferably 23%. .

  • 1.6 Magic Number - magic number for transactions and saved states.

2. Fibonacci Positioning and Open / Close Settings - General settings for position management.

  • 2.1 Hold position at X FIB ret - The purpose of the position to the middle position. X [%] - this is the purpose for moving the middle position.

  • 2.2 Let position slip X [%] before taking action - After installation position in (2.1) can slide position X [%] re to "commit" at item level (2.1).

  • 2.3 Close position at X FIB ret - Closing position when the Fibonacci correction X.

  • 2.4 Minimum "unloaded" pips trend - The minimum step size in pips to open the opposite position.

  • 2.5 Reduce close requirements by a degree - If the trend is much more demanding, reducing closing positions Fibonacci.

  • 2.6 Trailing stop - Trailing stop for the open position.

  • 2.7 Reset non-used trends at Fibonacci level X - Reset opposite trend in the trade in one direction. Set it low, if the trend is strong.

  • 2.8 Zero MIN / MAX Fibonacci at Take Profit - Reset the minimum and maximum on reaching the target of correction.

3. Refresh and Filters - It allows you to customize some of the filters.

  • 3.1a MA Cross Open Filter - The filter of the moving average.

  • 3.1b MA Cross PIPS - Additional pips, which must be between 2 moving averages, to open a position.

  • 3.2a Channel Filter - Filter channel strips.

  • 3.2b Channel Range - Range channel as a "deviation" (typically from -2 to 2).

  • 3.2c Channel Refresh - channel refresh rate. (Recommended 5 minutes).

4. Stop Loss - stop loss settings.

  • 4.1 Stop Loss in [%] (0 for OFF) - stop-loss when the management of capital.

  • 4.2 Stop Loss in points per base lot (0-OFF) - stop-loss as in the management of capital, and without.

  • 4.3 Reset Trading after Stop Loss - Reset trading after reaching a stop-loss.

Fibo Trader PRO MT5

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