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Note: This demo version of Verdure ProLOGIC program. This version only works on USDSGD.

general information

Verdure ProLOGIC - more than just a display, a trading system that gives an informed decision about when to trade and where to put a stop loss. Unlike many other indicators, in which you can only get a signal to enter a trade, Verdure ProLogic indicator gives you a technically calculated safe level for placing a stop-loss. This is particularly useful in money management as it allows to assess in advance the risk and reward ratio before placing transactions.

Features and Benefits

  • You'll never miss a big trend. You can be sure not to miss a single large movement upwards or downwards (see. Screenshots)

  • Safe level StopLoss been designed for you, so you can really appreciate the balance of risk and reward before placing the transaction. This function is very useful.

  • Tighten the stop-loss at a very volatile market, using the parameter 'maxstoploss', so you limit of acceptable risk.

  • You can configure the sending of push-notification of the possibility of entering the market on your mobile terminal.

  • You can configure the sending of messages about trade opportunities via e-mail.

  • It can be configured to receive a notification of trade opportunities.

  • The indicator may be incorporated into the composition via iCustom adviser function for obtaining data from the appropriate buffer (for more information see the section "Indication Buffers").

  • It can be used on all timeframes.

  • It can be used on any of the instruments in the MT4, including forex, gold. metals and CFD.

  • It is not redrawn. NEVER

  • It works with all brokers irrespective of suffix or prefix characters.

Input parameters

  • periods - the number of periods used to calculate the indicator.

  • multiplier - factor used in internal calculations indicator.

  • maxstoploss - the maximum value of the stop-loss level to limit losses at high volatility.

  • bullishsignalarrow - color arrows bullish signal.

  • bearishsignalarrow - color arrows bearish signal.

  • bullishstoplossarrow - color level stops on the bovine signal.

  • bearishstoplossarrow - color level stop loss bear signal.

  • sendemail - sending email messages to the address specified in MetaTrader 4 settings.

  • pushnotification - Push-sending the notification to the mobile terminal.

  • alert - generate an alert.

indicator buffers

  • Buffer 0 - signal buffer for purchase

  • Buffer 1 - buffer for sale signal

  • Buffer 2 - buffer stop-loss buying

  • Buffer 3 - buffer stop-loss for sale


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