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Tune It Yourself Automatic EA 4 Digits

Tune It Yourself Automatic EA 4 Digits

Tune It Yourself Automatic EA for four-quotes - fully automated forex robot, based on the indicator Three Dimensional Indicator for Manual Trading.

Ease of use

Councilor idea is to allow a regular trader
fine-tune the robot at any forex broker. EA can be
It is set to trade almost any currency pair with any
Forex broker.

Processing and filtering signals

Advisor uses the price movements in real time, based on
one-day simple moving average. The signals are filtered through
timeframes M1 and M5, are amplified and used in special formulas
to automatically calculate and trend forecasting.

Recommended timeframe for download adviser on the chart

Advisor should be used only for one-minute (M1) timeframe.

Effective testing of robot stories

Download the full story for the M1 and M5 and perform testing
history with at least January 1, 2014 to enable thin
settings, described below.


  1. Default Advisor activates only one trading position
    each currency pair for that fine-tuning is made and
    enabled and trade.
  2. Default EA uses only 1% of free margin for opening each new position.

Built antiprosadochny (Anti-Drawdown) module

The robot can trade simultaneously on any number of currency pairs.
However, the product has a built-in module that disables the opening of new
transactions if on open positions at the moment there is a drawdown.

Independent adviser fine tuning for any broker

On the attached picture you can see the interface of the external input
parameters. Use the following input parameters to fine
Councilor settings for trading in the most appropriate time
according to the server time of your broker:

  • TakeProfit = 0 (leave zero value);
  • TrailingStop = 0 (leave zero value);
  • InitialStop (Stop Loss) = 0 (leave a zero value).


The robot can automatically detect a change in trend, closing
current open positions and unfold. So use
TakeProfit, TrailingStop or InitialStop (Stop Loss) is not recommended
since they can interfere with the advisor.

  • MaximumRisk = 0.01 (0.01 = 1% of the risk, set in its sole discretion);
  • TradeAtServerTime_0Hr = 0 (start testing on the history of 1
    January 2014; Set to 1 to allow trading at 0.00 pm
    server time; return the value 0 in case of an increase of losses);
  • TradeAtServerTime_1Hr = 0 (set to 1 to allow trade
    at 1.00 hour; return the value 0 in case of an increase of losses; leave 1
    with an increase in profits);
  • TradeAtServerTime_2Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_3Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_4Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_5Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_6Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_7Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_8Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_9Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_10Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_11Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_12Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_13Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_14Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_15Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_16Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_17Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_18Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_19Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_20Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_21Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_22Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_23Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • Timeframe = 1 (left value 1);
  • Timeframe2 = 5 (leave the value of 5);
  • SMAPeriod = 1 (the period of a simple moving average; leave value 1).

After you have thoroughly tested the adviser
on history and received a positive profit curve, your robot is ready for
Tune It Yourself Automatic EA 4 Digits

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