Saturday, January 13, 2018

Italians voted against changing the constitution, the prime minister resigns

Italians voted against changing the constitution, the prime minister resigns

). On Sunday, voters in Italy rejected the proposed constitutional changes by the government, after which the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his intention to resign. referendum decision means victory populists in one of the largest economies in Europe.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, at the end of the counting of almost all the votes by Monday morning, 59.6% of voters voted against the changes. This dealt a severe blow to the plans to reform the country's parliament Renzi, to simplify the process of passing laws, including those aimed at improving the competitiveness of the country.

Renzi said that in the afternoon on Monday appealed to the president with his resignation.

"I accept full responsibility defeat"- Renzi said. The people of Italy "He spoke clearly and unequivocally ... We leave with no regrets"He added.

The result of the referendum means uncertainty for Italy, the fourth largest economy of the EU. Renzi resignation may pave the way for the formation of a populist government, and possibly early parliamentary elections next year.

One of the biggest winners as a result of the voting was "Five Star Movement"Who oppose Renzi and his plans, saying that more radical changes. This party is calling for a referendum on membership of Italy in the euro area, the results of which would be worn by a recommendation. She also said the rejection of the EU imposed budget constraints and that can serve for the emission of a parallel currency.

Judging by the polls, about 30% of Italians would support candidates "Five Star Movement"If parliamentary elections were held today. Approximately the same number would vote for the Democratic Party Renzi, and therefore, the movement will receive a significant number of votes in the Parliament and may even become the ruling party. In this case there is a threat to the unity of the euro zone and the single currency.

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