Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Spread Analyser

Spread Analyser

Spread Analyser - a simple, but useful indicator that displays and analyzes the history of the floating spread from your broker.

While many brokers claim that they provide low spread, they often indicate the average value does not denote maximum the value of the spread of the day. Quite often instantaneous spread can reach "peak" is several times higher than the average. If these peaks arise in the environment of high volatility (as is often the case), they can significantly affect your trading strategy.

On the other hand, since the spread is the main way to achieve protection and broker profits, it is likely that the behavior of the spread may portend strong movements / price volatility, or at least to be a good indicator for input / output.

These motifs formed the basis for the development of this indicator.

Indicator collects spread values ​​for each incoming tick and evaluates the maximum, minimum and mean value within each bar, and then displays these values ​​by lines in a separate window. At the same time, in the main chart window, these values ​​are displayed with reference to the entire history of the schedule.

After a few days of data collection, the trader can reliably judge the quality of a broker on the importance index actual Spread policy. In addition, the trader may detect possible correlations, for example, the level of volatility, volume, strength of the trend, etc.

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

This (paid) version of the history of the spread can be stored in an external file, so that the collected historical data is not lost, you can re-download the chart every time you restart the indicator.

Main settings

  • Past_Bars - the maximum number of past bars, on which the indicator will display the spread after the launch. If not found there is a history file (or if the next option is set to false) Will not initially display data and display immediately after starting the sub-window display will be blank. In this case, the line will be gradually drawn as the arrival of ticks. If Past_Bars = 0, the indicator will be displayed on all the available history.

  • Spread_History_On_File - If this feature is enabled, the indicator zakkrytii new data will be added to the already collected data in the history file. The file is stored in the "File" sub-folder MQL4.
    The file name is as follows: SA_<broker name>_<symbol>_<timeframe>.csv, thus, it displays a particular broker timeframe and versatile.

Information on the chart

  • Current Spread - value of the last spread.

  • History Max Spread - maximum spread from the first received value.

  • History Avg Spread - the average spread for all the obtained values.

  • History Min Spread - the minimum spread from the first received value.

Spread is always displayed in points

In the near future it will be released a free version with the only limitation - loading / saving of data from / to the history file will not be possible.

Please note that the use of this indicator in the tester does not make sense, because it adopted fixed spread.

We would be grateful for your feedback.

Spread Analyser

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