Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trading on the account of the investor, 3-7 October '16

Trading on the account of the investor, 3-7 October &# 39; 16

This week we have earned +1.07%. This is 1.5% less than last week. Cumulative score increase of 1 month and 1 week amounted to +10.82%.

As in the past, all the transactions were closed with a profit this week.

EUR / USD, 2 transactions were: 1) from Friday last week, closed on Tuesday. 2) After closing hours through 5 followed a strong rebound quotes, the price grew and the program entered the market again. Already somewhere in an hour followed by a return quotes half of the rebound and the deal is closed. More deals were this week. Quotation went down, and we are waiting for her at the top to make a sale.

GBP / USD, this week, the pound was not transactions. The quotation has not reached the upper levels, where we are waiting for her and went down badly without us.

USD / JPY, Yen we went on Tuesday in a deal to sell and yet hang in the loss, which has reached 1.5%.

AUD / USD, on Tuesday, the Australian had closed the transaction to sell, which were opened on Friday last week. Also participated in this transaction, and additional transactions open on Monday. Those. it was a group of seven deals closed at the fall of quotations on Tuesday. More deals were this week.

At the moment, open a deal to sell USD / JPY.

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