Sunday, January 14, 2018

EZT MultiTF rsi

EZT MultiTF rsi

This indicator shows 1-6 RSI indicator in different timeframes and with different settings. The user can turn on the option to receive notifications from active indicators in the form of messages or audible warning of the level of overbought / oversold. Notification can be enabled for one or all active indicators, even if they all have different timeframes, periods and overbought / oversold. The panel on the main chart includes buttons, displays the active indicators and their settings. It is possible to hide the panel. Buttons allow you to temporarily hide some of the active RSI.

Description of settings

  • Panel location - snap angle to the display panel on the main graph.

  • Panel size - Panel size: normal or increased

  • Panel shift - shift the panel of the graph edges

  • Color of active RSI button - the color of the active indicator RSI

  • Color of inactive RSI button - color temporarily hidden active RSI

  • Use RSI - to use the RSI indicator is one or all six: true / false

  • RSI timeframe - timeframe RSI indicator, it is possible to use different values ​​for each RSI

  • RSI alert - use a notification for this RSI: true / false

  • RSI color - RSI line color, and color labels on the buttons

  • RSI overbought level - when the notification to the value true, RSI value than the specified value will mean perekuplennost, displayed down arrow

  • RSI oversold level - when the notification to the value true, RSI value below this value will mean pereprodannost, displayed arrow

  • RSI show levels - true / false: because the schedule can be overloaded for each of the six indicators RSI can set their own levels of overbought / oversold. This option allows you to enable or disable the display of lines.

  • Alert on arrow - true / false: a pop-up alert on the chart.

EZT MultiTF rsi

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