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Trade Copier Pro Demo MT5

Trade Copier Pro Demo MT5

Trade Copier Pro - It is a powerful tool for remote copy trades across multiple accounts in different locations on the Internet. This is ideal for signal providers, who want to share their trade with other traders around the world. One supplier can copy the transaction into multiple accounts of the recipient, and the recipient can copy one trade multiple providers. The supplier can also set the time of the expiry of the subscription for each recipient, so that the recipient can not receive a signal after this period.

The program allows you to copy both the local and remote recipients. Each account provider may be copied to an unlimited number of local and remote receivers 10 simultaneously. To be able to copy trades on more distant signals, see the version Unlimited Trade Copier Pro, which allows you to work with an unlimited number of remote receivers.

restrictions: In this demo version the recipient can only use a fixed minimum lot size, display alert is limited. To get the best purchase the full version:


  • Trade Receiver Free, used to remote recipients (free):
  • If you only need a local copy of transactions, see the product at a lower price:

Main functions:

  • A single tool for providers and recipients.
  • One supplier can copy the transaction into multiple accounts of the recipient, and the recipient can copy one trade multiple providers.
  • Provider and the recipient can manage the list of our partners with the integrated database management system without any additional tools (add, delete, edit, enable / disable, set the expiration time).
  • The supplier may set an expiry time of subscription for each recipient, so that the recipient can not receive a signal after this period.
  • List of suppliers / recipients can be edited directly in the MetaTrader 4 or in the exported csv-file.
  • Switching between the global mode which involves copying via the internet and local, in which copying is performed with the same computer or server.
  • There are two protocol: Trade Trade protocol (up transactions) and Signal signaling protocol (only sending / receiving the alert).
  • Default copied not only inputs and outputs, but the SL / TP modification, which provides additional protection in the event of rupture of the connection or terminal falling. But the supplier can hide SL, TP and modification orders (keep up the inputs and outputs) that do not show the whole strategy of the recipient.
  • Protection of the beneficiary of the slip and outdated warrants.
  • On account of the recipient can still trade manually or use other advisors without any conflicts between them.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization prefixes / suffixes in characters from different brokers.
  • Ability to use up to five special characters, settings (eg: GOLD -> XAUUSD, etc.).
  • The possibility of the lot size settings of the recipient.
  • Filtering copy of SL levels, TP or entry points.

  • Filtering for copying on the types of orders for both the supplier and the recipient.
  • Function return copy for both the supplier and the recipient.
  • Automatic notifications sent to the recipient on the phone and by e-mail when new activity on the account.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Terms of use:

  • Start Trade Copier Pro on any graph (but only one) on the terminal 5 MetaTrader supplier.

  • When you first start you may need to specify the address "" in the list of trusted URL in the MT5 to allow access to the Internet.

  • Select a role "Provider" (supplier), then open the recipient list "Receiver List" and add recipient's account number, which will be copied to the transaction. Your trades / signals will be copied only to the accounts specified in the list.

  • Go back to the main panel and change the status to Enable.

  • Install the software on the recipient's terminal MetaTrader 5.

Settings and options:

  • Special symbols setting (in the menu): you can configure up to five special symbols for synchronization. Symbols are automatically recognized, but some special pairs of characters are different with different brokers and require additional manual configuration, for example: GOLD -> XAUUSD, SILVER -> XAGUSD, etc.

  • Fontsize setting (in the menu): change the display font size if necessary.

  • Reset to default settings (in the menu): reset.

  • Choose your role: choice of roles for the current account. Select one of two roles: Provider (source transactions) and Receiver (recipient of transactions).

  • Provider / Receiver list: Configure the list of suppliers / receivers from which is allowed to receive or to which data can be sent. You can add, delete, edit, enable / disable the necessary accounts. Transactions / signals will be copied only to the accounts or made only from the accounts included in this list.

  • Global / Local mode: Mode selection - global or local. Global mode lets you copy trade between accounts in different locations on the Internet. In local trade regime can only be copied between accounts on the same computer / server. The copying occurs instantaneously local mode (<0.1 seconds). In the global mode in connection with the various speed Internet connection copying may be slightly slower (maximum 3 seconds).

  • Transmission data: choice of method of sending / receiving data. Available types of "Trade" (transactions on the account of the recipient repeated transactions on the account of the supplier) and "Signal" (the recipient will only be transmitted signals). The priority range is a provider if the provider chooses "Trade", the recipient may receive a transaction or signals for selection; If the supplier chooses "Signal", then the receiver can receive only a signal regardless of the selection.

  • Hidden mode (for ISP only): provider can hide from the recipient information on the levels of stop-loss and take-profit, as well as the modification of orders, not to disclose details of the strategy. In this case, to copy only the inputs and outputs, that does not change the result of trade, but this mode is slightly more risky for the recipient, because there is no protection orders you lose your connection.
  • Max. slippage (for recipient only): maximum allowable slippage to copy transactions. Prices of different brokers may vary, so if the current price on the account of the recipient exceeds the maximum slipping compared with the entry price on the account of the supplier, the deal will not be copied. This is useful to prevent undesired slippage copied transactions, especially in the moments of higher volatility (e.g., during a news release).

  • Open trade timeout (for recipient only): the maximum waiting time, during which the transaction can be copied from the supplier to the recipient. If the time since the opening of the transaction exceeded the supplier, the deal will not be copied. It works for instant execution of market orders. This setting avoids the outdated copy transactions if the account / destination terminal, for some reason, some time is not available. For example, trade timeout parameter = 60 seconds. If the recipient will suddenly become unavailable during the opening of the order for purchase / sale and the connection will be established within 60 seconds, the order will be copied. But if you will take more than 60 seconds, this order will be ignored.

  • Set lotsize by: the size of the installation method of the lot to be copied transactions on the account of the recipient. There are 4 options:

    • Scaled by provider's balance: lot size in proportion to the beneficiary as a proportion of the balance of the account will be billed. This is the preferred option, because in such an embodiment, the rate changes are the same account as the provider. For example: in the source item = 0.5 with a balance of $ 1000 -> the beneficiary's account at $ 2000 auction will be equal to 1.0.

    • Multiply by provider's lotsize: lot size on account of the beneficiary will be equal to the size of the vendor bid multiplied by a certain factor. Use this option only if you know the way to the nomination of lead from the supplier, otherwise increased lot size can lead to large losses.
    • Ratio with receiver's balance: calculating the lot size of the recipient on the basis of a certain ratio, depending on the account balance. For example: establish lot size 0.1 $ 1000 for each sheet, then at 2000 $ 0.2 Lot will be traded, at $ 500 - 0.05.

    • Fixed lotsize: fixed lot size. On account of the receiver to be used independently of the fixed lot in the lot size and the source balance recipient.

    • Custom risk percentage: risk percentage for each transaction in the event of the closure of the stop-loss. For example, the transaction copied to the level of stop-loss of 20 points. Lot size at the receiver will be placed in such a way that in case of closure of the stop-loss will be a loss of 5% of the balance. This mode is only applicable to transactions with pre-level stop-loss; for orders without level stop-loss will be used Mode "Provider's lotsize scale".

  • Max. lotsize: the maximum size of the lot at the opening of the transaction. This will prevent the opening of transactions with the increased size of the lot, which can lead to unwanted losses.
  • Copy Filter (for the recipient): Options for copying orders.
    • SL: copying orders level SL.

    • TP: copying TP level orders.
    • Exit point: the recipient of the transaction closed after the provider. Otherwise, the outputs will not be copied, and the recipient must manually provide their own output.
  • Order filter: Select the type of orders for copying. Some filters are both suppliers and recipient, but the choice of provider is a priority. There are several options:
    • Buy orders: up buy orders.
    • Sell ​​orders: up sell orders.
    • Pending orders: up pending orders.
    • With comment: copying orders to specify the commentary.
    • W / o comment: copying orders given without comment.
    • With magic #: copying orders specify a magic number.
    • W / o magic #: copying orders without predetermined magic number.
    • Custom pair: Only trade on custom pair is copied (used in conjunction with one of these types).
    • Inverted copy: All filtered transactions will be reversed when sending / receiving: Buy<->Sell, BuyLimit<->SellStop, BuyStop<->SellLimit, Stoploss<->Takeprofit.
  • Copied Order Comment: Setting the display of the comment in the copied orders at the receiving end.
    • Default: Comment copied order is set automatically in the format: "Copied from # [account number of the supplier]."
    • none: skorirovanny order will not contain any comments.
    • Custom: Setting a particular comment to the copied orders.

Trade Copier Pro Demo MT5


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