Monday, January 8, 2018

GND Magic Martingale

GND Magic Martingale

This EA is using a strategy that tries to restore the losing trades. This strategy helps to trade in the right direction, and achieved a take-profits will be able to compensate for previous losses. Thereafter, the cycle is restarted. The adviser works on the basis of the trend, automatically closes the deal with a trend reversal.

Easy setup, easy installation, full automation.

Prior to use, the expert on real account should learn how the system works in a test mode.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • The minimum deposit is $ 10 000 or a cent account

  • little spread

  • Only for 5-digit quotes

  • Leverage: 1: 500


  • MagicNumber: Unique (magic) advisor number.

  • TakeProfit: Take Profit. * Required for closing orders

  • UseBalance: As used percentage of available funds in the account (* UseBalance = 1%). If balance = $ 10,000 => the trade balance = $ 100 (0.01 on the balance = $ 100 with an increase)

The parameters for optimization in the tester

  • MagicNumber: 4444

  • TakeProfit: 100

  • UseBalance: 0.3 to 1

Note: The best trades on pairs with low spreads. Can work with several pairs at the same time, the adviser for this you need to run on each desired schedule.

Important: You are always responsible for the management of your account.

GND Magic Martingale

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