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AlfaZeta Binary Indicator

AlfaZeta Binary Indicator

I present to you an effective indicator for binary options "AlfaZeta".

Designed for use with the terminal MetaTrader 4.

Recommended timeframe M1, 5 svechey expiration. It can also be used on the timeframes M5, M15, M30, H1, expiration 5 candles. In the setting of the indicator have the option to choose the number of candles expiration, so you find the desired currency pair and timeframe for it, which at the time shows the highest percentage of successful transactions. For H1 timeframes above the indicator is when you try to switch to tayifreymy H4 and above the indicator displays a message with a request to return to the lower timeframe.

The indicator is equipped with audible and visual warning signal and to the input of a transaction. The indicator also sends a notification email and smartphone when properly configured Meta Trader 4.

Indicator analyzes the current state of the market by several parameters and outputs the signals to the input of a transaction after the verification of all of these parameters for a particular algorithm with respect to each other.

The signal at the entrance to the transaction - red / green (sale / buy) arrow. Upon receipt of such a signal in the form of arrows, you need to wait for the candle to close, if the needle remains in place and does not disappear, you have to log in a deal with the expiration of 5 candles. At closing in the negative, you need to wait for the next signal of the arrow and enter into a transaction under the rules of money management and security of their losses.

The indicator is equipped with a counter records of transactions, it also displays the selected timeframe, currency pair and the timer before the end of the life of the current candle. All these parameters can be set via the display setup.


  • AlertsMessage - Text indicating that you are in a transaction

  • AlertsSound - sound notification

  • AlertsEmail - Notification by email

  • AlertsMobile - Push notification on your smartphone

Further information panel settings

  • Expiration in candles - specify the number of candles expiration for calculating transactions.

  • count signals - signal selection method of calculation, there are several options:

    1. From this point in time - count from a given point in time, after selecting this option, the counter is reset and begins counting anew transaction.

    2. For a given number of bars - a predetermined number of bars, such as 144 bar on the M5 is the last 12 hours.

    3. From a given date - count of a particular choice.

    4. Function disabled - counting function is disabled.

  • count signals from date: We set here date from which the count signals.

  • count bars: the number of bars for the bill.

The panel displays the number of successful and unsuccessful transactions individually, plus I added to it the total count of all transactions and the overall win rate.

  • Start work from (include) - We set the time at which to begin operation of the indicator.

  • End work here (include) - shutdown time indicator.

Below the display settings of the currency pair and timeframe

  • Currency display ON / OFF - enabling or disabling the display of the current currency pair

    1. Currency display on - switch

    2. Currency display off - off

  • Timeframe display ON / OFF - vklyucheneie or off the display of the current timeframe

    1. Timeframe display on - switch

    2. Timeframe display off - off

Further below are the timer setting, which counts the time until the end of the current candle Advantages of this timer is that it works without delay. Time using the settings can be moved according to schedule in a convenient place for you, change the color, size, hours, etc.

The following section design arrows === ARROWS DESIGN ==

  • Select design please:

    1. Regular Arrows

    2. Modern Arrows

And the last section, which draws a vertical line on the chart === One Bar Back ===

The strip is drawn on the first candle, it is necessary for convenience, focus your attention, precisely at the point where the price movement.

AlfaZeta Binary Indicator

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