Monday, January 8, 2018



Advisor records the transaction takes screenshots of all timeframes and generates a report.

It is only installed on a single graph. For screenshots EA opens the desired chart takes a screenshot and closes it.

Create a template with the name of your screen with the schedule settings - it will apply to the screenshots.

Orders with an exclamation point and a number from 0 to 9 in the comments are taken into account in a separate tab.

To view the statistics you need to run the file at: Terminal / File / Open Data Catalog / MQL4 / Files / № accounts / index.html

It is more convenient to make a shortcut or bookmark browser.

If you click 'RESET' in the upper right corner of the chart, the statistics will be reset and the report will be carried out from now on.

After clicking on 'WRITE', in the gray box to write a comment. Then click on the order button, to which the comment.

last closed order button light brown. Button, open orders - green.

If you select a timeframe, it will take a screenshot. Read the writing, you can click on the order comments in the table.


  • Bars after the closure order - Number of bars after closing order to the captures.

  • The width of the screen - The width of the screenshot.

  • The height of the screen - The height of the screenshot.

  • Color Open Level - Color Line's opening price.

  • Color Stop Levels - Color brake lines.

  • Displaying objects on the screen - Selection of objects to be displayed on the screenshot.

  • The default button in WRITE mode - Selecting the default button in the 'WRITE' mode.


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