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Pattern DejaVu MT4

Pattern DejaVu MT4

Indicator predicts the next beverage generated based search to the three most suitable patterns (sequences of bars of predetermined length) in the history of the current symbol of the current timeframe.

Point patterns combined with the current pattern of the opening price of the current (last) bar. Projected bars are continuation patterns found in history.

pattern search is performed once at the opening of each new bar on the current timeframe. During the formation of the bar indicator is not redrawn.

In the lower right corner of the graph corresponds to the pattern matching colors indicate the error (standard deviation in points) and time of the found pattern.

Indicator works with any timeframes and tools and can be useful for predicting market behavior and decision-making on trading operations.

To find the most appropriate indicator of patterns is necessary to ensure the greatest possible depth of the history of the bars.

Item display

  • Pattern length - pattern length (a positive integer), i.e. number of suitable bars of the desired pattern.

  • Count of forecasted bars - number of projected bars (positive integer).

  • Search for patterns - enumeration type parameter with the values one_best_matched, two_best_matched, three_best_matched, allowing you to set the number of the desired pattern in the most appropriate stories (up to three).

  • Show patterns - boolean parameter (true/false), Indicating a need for showing patterns found.

  • History depth to search patterns (0 - all available) - depth history (number of last bars) used to search for patterns. If the option is set to 0, it uses all of the available history bars.

  • parameter Group Settings of candle styles, that define the appearance of candles found three patterns (the size of the candle, as well as the color of bullish and bearish candles).

indicator buffers

  • buffers 8 - 11 They are used to construct the most appropriate pattern found minimum-error match the current pattern.

  • buffers 4 - 7 used for constructing the second most suitable pattern from the next largest error coincidence with the current pattern.

  • buffers 0 - 3 are used to construct the third most suitable pattern with a maximum error found among the three patterns matches with the current pattern.

Buffers with even numbers are used to construct bear suppositories, buffers with odd numbers - for constructing bovine candle. Default bullish candle display lighter tones relatively bearish.

Default dimensions candles used to construct the three patterns are set to one fixed value of 1. It is also possible to set different candle sizes (e.g., 1, 2, 4) to display the full shape candles of all three patterns (see. The last screenshot) .

Pattern DejaVu MT4

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