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Divergent MT5

Divergent MT5

adviser Divergent mt5 (Version mt4) uses divergence MACD indicator peaks and peaks generated as a signal input. The entrance is in turn the main movement. Market orders are opened at the opening of the candle after the formation of the model.


  • It can run on any instruments and timeframes

  • The calculation of risk per trade for all currency account and tools

  • 8 position control modes

  • Flexible adjustment of the operating time

Advisor works only in the netting mode. For more information about netting and hedging article


Working hours

  • Single hour mode - The operating mode in one fixed hour. Designed for expert optimization and analysis of the individual results of each hour. To optimize the set from 0 to 23 in increments of 1

  • Hour range mode - mode of operation in the time interval. Initial h is always less than the final

  • Custom hours mode - Mode of operation for individual hours from the list. It is possible to set for each individual hour a key parameter min Distance. Parameter string format: 5/7; 6/8; 11/10; 12/09, wherein work hour / Min Distance; work hour / Min Distance

trading logic

  • Fast EMA - The period of the fast moving average indicator MACD

  • Slow EMA - The period of the slow moving average of the indicator MACD

  • Type price MACD

  • Min time between macd peaks - The minimum time between the MACD histogram peaks in the model (see. Screenshots)

  • Max time between macd peaks - The maximum time the entire model

  • Min distance between chart peaks - The minimum distance between the peaks on the graph (see. Screenshots)

  • Slippage - Allowable slippage at opening transaction

  • Spread filter - The maximum allowable value of the spread at the opening of the transaction. If the spread is greater, the transaction does not open

Money management and position control

  • Risk per trade - Risk per trade. It is calculated according to a predetermined StopLoss. If 0, value is taken fixed volume Volume

  • Volume - The total volume of positions. Ignored if set Risk per trade

  • TakeProfit1 - Take Profit of the first part of the position. Position is divided into 2 equal parts. Rounding in favor of the first part

  • TakeProfit2 - Take Profit of the second position

  • StopLoss - Total Stop Loss position

  • Trailing Stop - Meaning Treylig stop. Treyling stop is implemented as a terminal

  • Breakeven level - The distance in points, after which the stack is transferred to breakeven

position control modes

  • 0 - 1 part with TP1, Trailing - No, Breakeven - No

  • 1 - 1 part with TP1, Trailing - Yes

  • 2 - 1 part with TP1, Breakeven - Yes

  • 3 - 1 part with TP1, Trailing - Yes, Breakeven - Yes

  • 4 - 2 parts, BreakEven - No, Trailing - No

  • 5 - 2 parts, Breakeven - Yes for 2 parts

  • 6 - 2 parts, Trailing - Yes for 2 parts

  • 7 - 2 parts, Trailing for second part after first TP

other options

  • Joint use - Sharing. If true, the transaction advisor to open regardless of whether there are more open positions. If false, the transaction advisor is only open when there are no other open positions

  • Magic for orders - Unique identifiers for orders opened advisor

Divergent MT5

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