Saturday, January 6, 2018

Number Levels

Number Levels

Indicator Number Levels It builds on the chart levels of round numbers, which can be identified as support and resistance levels.

The indicator is implemented to set the gap between the levels of round numbers. For example, if the set values ​​for HL1 = 1.00000, a HL2 = 1.05000, it will draw a line every 500 points.

Important! To construct the levels of round numbers to two or more different levels, it is necessary and sufficient to indicate to them different names in the indicator parameters. For clarity, it will be shown in the video to the indicator.

Item display

  • HL1 - Price value of which will be built levels round numbers

  • HL2 - Price value for determining the step between levels round numbers

  • Nhl - The number of levels round numbers generated in both sides of HL1.

  • Hcolor - Color levels round numbers

  • Hname - Name the levels of round numbers

  • Hstyle - Line style round number levels

  • TFobject - Setting values ​​time-frames for display generated levels round numbers

  • Hback - If there is a value of TRUE, the levels of round numbers are created as background objects, and if FALSE drawn on the foreground

  • Hselect - If there is a value of TRUE, the levels of round numbers can be identified by double-clicking on one of them. If this can not be FALSE

  • Hdelete - If there is a value of TRUE, then when you remove the indicator, levels of round numbers will be removed


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