Saturday, January 6, 2018

Assistant Scalper

Assistant Scalper

Assistant Scalper - real helper in trading by scalping simultaneously on several instruments (currency pairs). Minimum settings - maximum control. Advisor alone does not place orders, and for the trader executes the routine work on installing the set values ​​of stop-loss and take-profit, as well as control the risk / profit for all orders opened by the trader.

Functional advisor:

  • Exposes the trader to open market orders stop loss and take profit of the selected instrument.

  • Closes all orders on one instrument in achieving the position of a virtual aggregate profit or loss (mode - Symbol).

  • Closes all orders for all instruments in achieving the position of a virtual aggregate profit or loss (mode - All Positions).

  • It is capable of tracking all orders at once, and the order of the individual trader or advisor. 

  • All settings are displayed in the dashboard.

  • Toggle tracking mode by pressing the button on the terminal diagram.

  • It shows the profit / loss value of the net position, depending on the tracking mode.

  • It can be paired with any advisor.

  • It works with any currency pair and the digit quotes.

Councilor settings:

Initial mode when initiating expert (false-All Positions)

  • Symbols - enabled by the character control mode.

Parameters of the closing net position

  • VirtualProfit - virtual total position size of profit in the deposit currency when the order is closed.

  • VirtualLoss - the virtual loss of the total position size as a percentage of the deposit at which orders are closed.

The parameters for the orders

  • StopLoss - Size set stop-loss in ticks (exposed only for orders set by a trader).

  • TakeProfit - Size is set take profit in ticks (exposed only for orders set by a trader).

 Unique identificator 

  • MagicNumber  - at <0 control over all orders, at 0 Control trader warrants at >0 control advisor orders.

Other options

  • Slippeg - Slippage in ticks.

  • textColor - The color of the dashboard text.

Setting units of account virtual parameters created by author preferences. If desired, you can create a Counselor at the potential buyer preferences. To do this, write a personal message.

Assistant Scalper

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