Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Norepaint Harmonic Patterns with minimal Lag

Norepaint Harmonic Patterns with minimal Lag

The indicator displays the harmonic pattern in the chart without repainting with the least possible delay. The basis for calculating vertex indicator calculation laid wave, which advanced settings allow you to choose the parameters for your trading style. At the opening of the candle (bar) fixed arrow probable direction of the price move in the formation of a new shape, which remains unchanged. The indicator recognizes the following figures and their varieties: ABCD, Gartley (Butterfly, Crab, Bat), 3Drives, 5-0, Batman, SHS, One2One, Camel, Triangles, WXY, Fibo, Vibrations. The default settings enabled to display only ABCD Gartley and figures. Many additional customizable options.

Main settings

  • ShowUpDnArrows - switching on / off the display of the probable direction of the arrows

  • ArrowUpCode - code up arrow

  • ArrowDnCode - code for a down arrow

  • Show old history patterns - enabling / disabling the display of outdated pieces (patterns)

  • Enable alert messages, actual if history OFF - enable / disable alerts in the formation / changing of figures relevant when switched off history

  • Enable alert notification, actual if alert messages is enabled - enable / disable notifications (MQ ID) in the formation / changing of figures relevant when switched off history

  • Eneable alert sounds, actual if history OFF - enabling / disabling the audio signal during the formation / editing figures important when off stories

  • AlertsSoundFileName - the name of the sound file to signal

  • Back color - background color

  • Main text color - the color of the main text

  • Main text font size - font size of the main text

  • PeriodLowest - period for the search algorithm peaks

  • DivLLPeriod - divider period for the search algorithm peaks

  • LLMethod1 - averaging method 1 for search algorithm peaks

  • LLMethod2 - averaging method 2 for search algorithm peaks

  • LLPrice1 - type 1 price for the search algorithm peaks

  • LLPrice2 - price type 2 search algorithm peaks

  • TriggerSensivity - smoothing filter sensitivity (or its minimum oranichenie using options in the dynamic mode)

  • UseDynamicSensivity - enabling / disabling of a dynamic filter

  • DynamicSensivityPeriod - dynamic filtration period

  • DynamicSensivityMul - coefficient of dynamic filtering

  • UseMinSensivityFilterForDynamic - enabling / disabling the minimum sensitivity threshold for dynamic filtration (the value entered in TriggerSensivity parameter)

  • DrawPnts - enabling / disabling displaying vertices

  • ArrowCode - code Simola peaks

  • Limit points to search patterns - the number of vertices to find figures

Above only the basic parameters, the description of all the parameters of the indicator can be downloaded here

Norepaint Harmonic Patterns with minimal Lag

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