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Ultimate Manual Strategy Tester

Ultimate Manual Strategy Tester

UMST - a particular product among existing handheld testers strategies. it differs in that it does not work in an integrated tester MT4 strategies, and in the normal trading window that allows you to test strategy, using a variety of timeframes and couples. It consists of two indicators.

UMST supports:

  • all six types of trade (market Buy / Sell, limit orders, stop orders)

  • change the playback speed

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit

  • Trailing Stop

  • many currencies and timeframes

  • swaps

  • stop out

  • all the characters, including currency pairs and CFD

  • saving the current status, followed by reduction

Most environment variables, such as the shoulder, Margin call, swap, etc. are taken from the current settings of the account.


UMST - tool for devising strategies. It is the possibility of hedging, testing different combinations of levels of stop loss and take profit, trailing stop testing and other indicators.

councilor logic

UMST comprises two LEDs. The second indicator (UMSTCandle.ex4) redraws the candles. You can download it in the discussions to a product, it is not necessary to run the test.

To configure the environment, save UMSTCandle.ex4 file in MQL4 / Indicators folder.

Then configure the schedule. There are two options:

  • Apply the attached template. On this template the best color scheme, indicators running on the chart.

  • use scheme "Black on white" for the best performance. Start on the chart and indicators UMST UMSTCandle. This method is the initial one. You can save the template for future use.

Then you need to download historical data. UMST uses history for all timeframes. In the upper left corner shows the availability of historical data, that is, the earliest date available on a specific timeframe. If there is insufficient data, the timeframe, open and scroll the graph back to download stories. Also, in the comments I will make a script to download stories.

Scroll to the desired schedule of the date of commencement of testing. After the message "History check passed" all the graphs, press M to start the test.

If you have a template, you simply open the drawing, apply a template, download history, and you can start if necessary.

After the start of the test, do not open new graphics and does not change the time frame, as these actions will re-initialize all the graphics.

To restart the test, reset or restart the pattern indicator UMST on any chart. This will lead to the re-initialization on all open charts. 

Most of the operations are performed with the keyboard. Detailed use described below.

The choice of the trade

  • Click on the line to select trades

  • /: Select the last open trade

  • ,: Choose the next open losing trades

  • .: Select the next winning trade open

Updating the trade

First, you must choose a trade.

  • C: market closure

  • P: set the default TP

  • L: SL set the default

  • T: set the trailing stop with a certain value

  • D -> P: delete TP

  • D -> L: remove SL

  • D -> T: remove trailing stop

  • O: Automatic installation of TP and SL with the given values

  • Drag: pending orders, TP and SL can be dragged

Placing orders

  • Q: market order to buy

  • W: a market order to sell

  • A -> Click on the chart: setting a limit order to buy

  • S -> Click on the chart: the installation of stop orders to buy

  • Z -> Click on the chart: setting a limit order to sell

  • X -> Click on the chart: the installation stops for sale


  • 1: change the timeframe on the M1

  • 2: change the timeframe on the M5

  • 3: change the timeframe on M15

  • 4: change the timeframe on M30

  • 5: change the timeframe on H1

  • M: start / pause

  • G: go to the current time

  • B: to include a comment in the upper left corner

  • F5: save the current status in MQL4 / Files / umst_save.csv file

Ultimate Manual Strategy Tester


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