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Important: korrrektnogo to display text in menus, download and install the font "Agency FB" !

PROscalper - the perfect tool for traders who use trend strategy!

is he visual displays basic values stop loss, take profit and current / recent pips on chart and in the built menu.

In this review submitted quality indicator for scalping!

PROscalper works on any time frame and any pair, but more preferably smaller timeframe.

For improve outcomes combine with PROscalper Trendindicator (TrendfollowerSR), that will provide double confirmation inputs.

Why to TrendFollowerSR?

  • Two species trendlines

  • built-in oscillator

  • built-in SL and TP for trend

  • Overview other timeframes on the menu

  • Overview pips a trend

  • Easy to use

Why choose PROscalper?

  • Overall view through menu

  • visual display stop loss and take profit on the chart

  • Easy to use

  • suitable for professional traders and beginners

  • increase arrived with help trend indicator

  • It is not redrawn, and does not draw value from the past

Input parameters PROscalper

  • Filter A - the first filter to adjust signal

  • Filter B - a second filter to adjust signal

  • Digits Broker - the number of decimal places on the chart


  • Draw Vertcal Lines - drawing vertical lines entry

  • Line Style - style vertical input lines

  • Buy-Line - color vertical line purchase

  • Sell-Line - color vertical line sale

  • Draw Arrows - on off. Signal mapping arrows

  • Buy-Arrow - color arrows purchases

  • Sell-Arrow - color sale arrows

  • MT4 Alert - notice on the Metatrader 4 platform

  • EMail Alert - e-mail notification

  • Mobile Alert - notification to the mobile device

Stop Loss and Take Profit:

  • Risk type - the higher the risk, the more TP and SL from the entrance

  • Stop Loss Color - color line stop loss

  • Take Profit 1 Color - color lines of the first take profit

  • Take Profit 2 Color - color line of the second take-profit

  • Take Profit 3 Color - color line of the third take-profit

  • Draw Background - on off. mapping zones of stop-loss and take-profit

  • Stop Loss Background Color - Color stop-loss zone

  • Take Profit Background Color - color zones take profit


  • Show Menu - on off. menu display

  • Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu location (horizontal)

  • Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu location (vertical)

  • Menu Background color - color menu

  • Menu Label color - font color

  • Menu in Background - to yes will be visible through the menu and other objects

  • Statuscolor BUY - color line status menu to BUY (at the bottom)

  • Statuscolor SELL - color line status menu to SELL (at the bottom)



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