Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Optimization MFC EA

Optimization MFC EA


Do not you want to use a genetic algorithm. Optimize adviser for each currency pair at a time interval of 2 weeks, using a special setting for odd and even currency pairs. The results obtained are valid trading 1 week and then again perform optimization. You can install Advisor on schedule 4H with the same settings as for the 1H. Advisor can work simultaneously on different periods of the trading instrument. You can also trade manually. If you change the order open advisor, he will find it strange and function Trailing Stop to this order shall not apply. To use the Expert Advisor VPS server. It is not recommended to use the Advisor vapor with a very large spread. How to use MFC EA adviser to see in the video.

Use the following currency pairs: AUDUSD (an even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD (odd), NZDUSD (an even), USDCAD (an even).

Periods for trading: 4H, 1H. optimization period: 1H.


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