Saturday, January 6, 2018

Free BuySellProf

free BuySellProf

Expert thanks balancing orders, take profits on the market turns in all directions, in terms of increased volatility.

presented by Advisor free BuySellProf - is BuySellProf expert demo version and can only trade mono embodiment as compared with the original, which may trade in mono or in a multi-currency embodiment, as well as the ability to trade both in manual and automatic mode (trader may set additionally their orders and it does not interfere with the work of the advisor). The demo version is off most of the input parameters, allowing to reduce sagging and breakeven.

Input parameters

  • TP - Take Profit (take profit) - application, fixed income;

  • SL - stop-loss (stop loss) - stop orders;

  • Use Trailing Stop - (Disabled in the demo) enables or disables the trailing stop;

  • Trailing Stop - (Disabled in demo version) trailing stop;

  • Lots - the value of the lot. This EA can be any value item, the fractional 0.01 or 0.1;

  • Martinlot - (Disabled in the demo) Lots multiplication factor to achieve a greater profit and without loss; details see Martingale.; (Value - 1, offline Martingale and increased granularity of 0.1, i.e., 1 = 0.1 + 1.1, etc.);

  • MaxLots - (Disabled in demo version), the maximum allowable value of the lot. In practice, it looks like this: via Martingale increasing magnitude of the lot, for example from 0.01 to 2, EA will warrant further set additional quantity only 2 lots, Martingale will work only at intervals of 0.01 to 2 serves also to reduce the drawdown balance when strong bull or bear market sentiment and volatility.

operation signals Expert BuySellProf on demo and real money you can find and see in my profile or section MQL4 signals.

Description of the work of the expert

Entering the market with two orders (for Buy and Sell) on one currency pair advisor sets on both orders fixed take profit by an amount equal Fibonacci level (corresponding timeframe) previously found you on indicators or matched optimization advisor on the tester for certain period of time (at least a month, preferably quarterly or semiannually). After operation take profit on Buy or Sell, Advisor sets based Martingale (original version BuySellProf) Buy order to, if the previous order is closed at Sell, or on the contrary, sets the warrant Sell, if the previous order was closed on Buy. Then connects the two take-profit, a new order and the old one common take-profit (on a special algorithm, with access to the point of Demark), moving it to the place of a possible price movement.

This opens another order - the rocker in the opposite direction to the two, with a value equal to the last order with Martingale (version BuySellProf original), creating a lock (lock), with the last order. This allows you to adjust the adviser to the volatility and save you money. If volatility exceeds the implied price of the take-profit order, counselor, taking profit, repeats the previous operation, taking into account the Martingale (BuySellProf version of the original), and so as long as the market does not turn around or volatility starts to decline. By this order Stop Loss is set in case the market turns from bullish sentiment to bearish and vice versa.

At the closing of take-profit all previously established orders (currently all of them are connected to one take-profit) Advisor again starts a new auction cycle, establishing two orders respectively for Buy and Sell and so on until you stop it.

How to configure BuySellProf Advisor

Options work advisor BuySellProf

free BuySellProf


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