Friday, January 12, 2018

Experts on indicators DCMV

Experts on indicators DCMV

Advisor implements reversal strategy, which uses the trade channel indicator DCMV. After the first transaction adviser is always in the market.

To determine the direction of trade and compares the average reference
line indicator. The entry point is the time channel is broken. For
BUY type of market orders is analyzed lower break-border and for
Top - SELL orders.

Input parameters:

input int DCMV_diapason_SLOW = 400; // Number of bars, used in calculation of DCMV SLOW
input int DCMV_diapason_FAST = 60; // Number of bars, used in calculation of DCMV FAST
input int DCMV_history = 55; // History depth
input double Lot = 0.01; // Lot 0.01 ~ 0.1

Variable DCMV_diapason_SLOW It is used to calculate the average of the indicator and reference lines.

variables DCMV_diapason_FAST and DCMV_history needed to calculate the boundaries of the trading channel indicator.

Variable Lot sets the size of the position (order).

Additional Information:

  • Allowed manual trading on signals from the indicator (signals BUY or SELL displayed in the upper left corner of the chart);

  • When turning positions are recorded and exposed by hand orders, that is the position at first completely closed and only then opens in the opposite direction specified in the parameters of the volume advisor;

  • By optimization of more than 90% passes are profitable result. Consequently, we can not talk about the fit of the input parameters, and about the actual optimization.

Limitation of this version:

  • Commercial allowed only one market order with a volume of 0.01 to 0.1.


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