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Tuesday, January 3

This morning Euro lost their positions,
earned during the Asian session against its US rival, stepping
area three-day minimum located near the 1.0405 level. Wave
consumer interest in the US dollar, marked the beginning of the European session,
prosest made a couple of more than 80 pips. Moreover, today's positive
unemployment data from the German labor market also remained without attention,
being able to stir a pair of bulls. Further, today the pair will be able to get
short pulse from the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector
USA by ISM, which will be presented later in the CA session.

Canadian Today was not an exception and was followed by general market sentiment,
while erasing most of their points earned in a pair with his
American neighbor. The pair USD / CAD was trading at the level of district
1,3420, halting its growth, caused by the appreciation of the US currency against a basket
its main rivals. Nevertheless, positive sentiment in oil prices,
noted this morning, it continues to support the Canadian currency, limiting
further growth of the pair. Today the USD / CAD remains under the influence of oil prices and dynamics
the US dollar, while the index of business activity in the manufacturing
American sector of the ISM will ask a couple of short-term momentum in CA

Today in the morning a couple
AUD / USD was not able to maintain its
fighting spirit, called positive Chinese data, as bulls
The US dollar managed to regain control of the pair. Currently the pair
It remains in the mark of 0.7200, retreating from its daily highs,
marked at the level of 0.7235. Nevertheless, the positive dynamics of commodity
assets, such as copper and oil, still provide support for the dollar of Australia,
thereby restricting further drop pair. The index will be presented later today
business activity in the US manufacturing sector from the ISM, which will be able to ask
the direction of the pair, and until then, the pair will continue to be influenced by
general market sentiment.

It seems that lb. lost its bullish view of
wave of consumer interest in the US dollar. Expectations of faster economic growth
United States under the presidency D.Trampa widely support the dollar and thereby
have a great impact on the market recently. Nevertheless, growth
interest to traders more risky assets caused by positive data
from China, continues to support the pound, limiting the couple on its further
fall. Now all the attention of traders remain focused on the UK
data on the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector, which will be
presented during the European trading session, on the other hand today
Data from the United States also did not remain without attention of investors, and are
presented later on Tuesday.


The index of business activity in the manufacturing sector of the United Kingdom
- 11.30 (GMT +2)

index of business activity in the US manufacturing sector from the
17.00 (GMT +2)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.0380 C 1.0722

P. S. USDJPY 115.57 117.89

1.2181 C 1.2467

0.9978 C 1.0332

AUDUSD 0.7163 P.
S. 0.7265

0.6873 C 0.6999

1.3342 C 1.3554

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