Thursday, January 11, 2018

Break Even LeveL

Break Even LeveL

The indicator works in the presence in the market of open orders and calculates the price level above which, the total profit of all open orders will be equal to zero, the level without loss. The calculation takes into account the currency pair in which the order is running LED. Orders can filter by magic number.

Description of the indicator settings:

  • Line_Create - display without loss line

  • color_Line - color line

  • style_Line - line style

  • width_Line - line thickness

  • Text_Create - display text above the line and below the line

  • font_Text - text font

  • font_size_Text - the letters of the text

  • color_Text - the color of text

  • color_Text_Profit_Zone - the color of the text zone profitable

  • Label_Create - displaying text label

  • coordinate_x - coordinate along the X axis and the text label in pixels

  • coordinate_y - coordinate of the Y-axis label text, in pixels

  • corner_Label - corner of the chart to link text label

  • font_Label - font text label

  • font_size_Label - the height of the font text label

  • color_Label - font color of the text label

  • anchor_Label - a way to bind a text label

  • MagicNumber - the magic number of warrants, at = 0 are taken into account all the orders of the currency pair on which the indicator

Break Even LeveL

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