Sunday, December 17, 2017




  • Expert is designed and tested with the help of precise mathematical calculations and multi-currency trading has a great potential.

  • Advisor identifies the most likely locations of motion graphics and opens the network orders Buy or Sell.

  • Orders are closed for averaging.

Monitoring my accounts:


  • Low drawdown and low deposit loading.

  • It does not depend on the slip and server latency.

  • Not Important value of the spread.

  • Suitable for rapid acceleration of the deposit.


  • It is strongly recommended that you use an expert on several currency pairs simultaneously. To do this, open the required number of graphs for further work of an expert on them. Drag an expert on each of the graphs.

  • If you use an expert on pairs with JPY sure to make a setting Step equal to or greater than 0.2.
  • change parameter Martingale = 1.3 for an extreme trade.

  • change parameter Martingale = 1.0 for a quiet trade.

Recommended input parameters

  • Profit - the value of the desired profit after the order closing the series in the deposit currency. Recommended value Profit = 10.

  • Step - the distance between the points of orders in the schedule. Recommended value Step = 0.002.

  • For couples with a symbol JPY Step = 0.2.
  • Lot - volume of market orders. Recommended value Lot = 0.01.

  • Martingale - Martingale parameter value. Recommended value Martingale = 1.3.

Best regards, Dmitry.


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