Monday, December 18, 2017

Force Multi

Force Multi

This multiframe option known oscillator Force index.

In a typical embodiment, the indicator is relatively difficult to interpret, and therefore multiframe representation is especially important to him. Observation of the different periods of getting comfortable, and the indicator itself is more informative. Is the possibility to show or hide any graphics from minute to day inclusive, and also have the choice of style oscillator drawing: line section or histogram.

You can freely switch in the direction of the elders, and in the direction of smaller timeframes, but with all your selected charts will be correctly converted to the current time scale.

To improve the readability of the display, for higher timeframes applied discount rates, so as to lower the graphics remain dominant.

indicator parameters are as follows:

  • Period - averaging period indicator Force index

  • Method - method for calculating the moving average

  • Mode - oscillator drawing style

  • M1 - show / hide minute chart

  • M5 - show / hide the 5-minute chart

  • M15 - show / hide the 15-minute chart

  • M30 - show / hide the 30-minute chart

  • H1 - show / hide the hourly chart

  • H4 - show / hide the 4-hour chart

  • D1 - show / hide the daily chart

Force Multi

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