Monday, December 18, 2017

EURUSD: Rally possible, despite the oversold

EUR / USD: Rally possible, despite the oversold

According to forecasts, "forecasters" Danske Bank, EUR / USD may continue the bullish move.

Key points:

"Yesterday's growth of EUR / USD is obliged, in general, continued demand for the euro as Europe's political risks eroding.

At the same time, the dollar loses its appeal for customers in the United States against the backdrop of events. Although EUR / USD looks strongly oversold from a technical point of view, I believe that the pair may continue to grow over the next few days, as speculators may try to have time to jump into the last carriage of the outgoing trains c Long shorts on the euro and on the USD.

However, given the fact that the eurozone will not remain indifferent to the changing global economic cycles, and the ECB is likely to remain dovish attitude until the euro is rising at the current rate, the euro will face difficulties, but a little later.

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